You will be able to choose in between two type of full pass:

  1. A full pass with blues lessons in couples, and one solo blues lesson ( with the teachers mentionned bellow)
  2. A full pass of solo blues only, with Shirel Archambeau, Sep Vermeersch, and Noemi Blues. Be aware: this pass is limited to 20 persons, so that teachers recommandations will be individualized.

The choice of the level is entirely yours. To offer you best value classes and to allow you to work in a way which is best suited to your needs, we ask you to make your choice of level as honestly and objectively as possible. However, we may have to make some changes, either way, between levels 2, 3 and 4, after the teachers’ assessment during the first hour of teaching, or after a short preceding audition, in order to make the group more coherent in terms of levels.

Level little radish

You have never danced or never danced blues before (or only few times) ? You can register to this level, no experience needed. If you are not comfortable dancing or dancing with a partner, this level will help you getting more at ease progressively. You’ll learn the basics of blues dancing and enough moves to have fun on the dance floor in the evenings.

Level jelly dance

You dance since 8 months or more, you know the basics, but wish to vary and improve your moves with more mastery, then it’s real training at the hands of an expert that you need. Level 2 is what you want!

Level tectonic

You have mastered the moves, fishtails, eight, waves and other basic moves, you can already move freely to the music, but you’d like to go further down that road and express in your moves what the music means to you. Than an extensive work on expressiveness and musicality will be rewarding to you!

Level chameleon

You have already passed the previous levels and mastered all that they include, you are valued and appreciated by your Blues dance partners nationally and even worldwide. However you still feel the need to improve, be at one with the music, be intimately fused with it, and in full harmony with your partner. Then level 4 will be your challenge for the weekend!