Sep Vermeesch

Sep Vermeersch is a versatile swing and jazz dancer based in Gent, Belgium. He’s known for his positive energy and dynamic movement. He started as a ‘spontaneous’ dancer, shakin’ it in bars and at parties. This probably clarifies his unique and musical dancing style.
Today, you can find Sep teaching and performing in different projects. From performing purely vintage dancing with The Dipsy Doodles to bringing burlesque cabaret with U n Coup de Folies or even go go dancing and MC-ing at electronic music festivals like Tomorrow lands’ Radio Ultra Modern stage.
He teaches lindy hop and solo jazz for Ghent’s finest authentic jazz dance school Crazy Legs.
But at weekends he travels around Europe to teach solo or partnered , mostly with Alexia Legoueix or Bára Hřebačková. When home Sep can be found training, Dj-ing or organising events for LouisLou. His energy and passion for the music, dance, art and vintage business made him a very busy and welcomed guest in many projects and events.The combination of his daily practise, pedagogical education and his energising class style makes him a unique ‘character’ in the modern swing dance world.
He not only values the dance itself, but especially the music and the ‘human’ aspect underlying it. Come over and Jam! He has competed often with for eg these interesting results:
1st place at ‘ultimate best dancer’ at Harlem 2015 (Vilnius, Lithuania), Strictly at LindyShock 2013 in Budapest and Solo Jazz at LSSF 2015 in Ljubljana. He was second at solo Blues in ESDC 2015.


Gaston Fernandez & Alba Menguel

Alba started swing dancing because the swing people were exactly the crowd she was looking for in a new city, with time the dancing on the dance floor lfired her enthusiasm, and she was really hooked when jazz music found a big space in her heart. There was no way back then!. She loves all the different dance styles of the swing era: Lindy Hop, Blues, Balboa and Authentic Jazz, all of which she trains in and teaches regularly.

She started teaching locally in leeds in 2008 and in London for swing patrol in 2010. Dancing grew on her and she dreamt of having enough time to train and develop her dancing to the level she wished, to become a full time teacher and an organizer in her hometown Madrid.  In November 2012 she decided to have the guts to fulfill her dream, quitted her job and moved back to Madrid, where she opened a swing school (Big Mama Swing),  alongside with an international top lead,  Gastón Fernández.. This step in her life has led to her being asked to teach internationally with increasing frequency at different international events: Uppsala (Sweden), Stockholm, Barcelona, Paris, Toulouse, La Guiole, Valencia, Lisbon, Porto,  New York (USA, Nocturne Blues),  Melbourne and perth (Australia) and she had the pleasure of teaching at Herrang Dance Camp (2014, 2015 for lindy hop, 2016 slow dance).  She is eager to share with everybody her passion for dance that has taken over her life.

Gastón “Gas” Fernández is a professional dancer and dance instructor, based in Madird, Spain. He specializes in vintage dance styles including Lindy Hop, Charleston, authentic jazz, Balboa, Blues and Tango. As a former gymnast he is known in the swing dance community for his powerful acrobatics and aerials, while his background in Tango gives his blues style drama and strength, grounded in a sensitive connection with his partner. Gastón’s passion for swing has taken him around the world, teaching from New york to Melbourne, he has taught in some of the best swing and blues camps in the world, like Herran, Snowball, MSF, Lindy shock, Smokey feet, Berlin Blues Explotion, Noctourne Blues, and many more

Gastón is devoted to promoting and fostering swing dance and culture in Argentina, Latin America and Spain. He has directed two stage productions featuring live jazz and vintage dance in Buenos Aires:  Swing Argentino with the Cuerdas del Sur band, and La Batalla: Swing en el Konex with the Antigua Jazz Band.  He also runs South America’s first and largest annual swing dance festival, LHAIF (Lindy Hop Argentina International Festival) each year in Buenos Aires and the first Blues event in South America, “Careless weekend”

He has also been a major proponent of Blues dance in Buenos Aires and is now is teaching  Blues internationally. With intense partner connection, Gas fuses Blues with Tango technique, though always striving to stay grounded in the essence of the Blues.

Gastón is also an avid jazz music collector and a popular DJ. He has DJ’d for swing and blues dancers around the world.


Cédric Clerc & Caroline Faivre

Since they met in 2012, Cédric and Caroline have decided to join their  competences in order to develop their qualities of dancers and teachers. 

As well as very active on the local swing scene in Strasbourg (Lindy Spot), they also go beyond borders and further and further away to dance, teach and perform.

You will be able to appreciate their dynamic classes, a delicate blend of Cédric’s humor and Caroline’s poetry. Both are keen on transmitting their ideas through a very progressive pedagogy. One that approaches technique in a very precise and detailed manner, and also teaches movements combining basics, surprises, musicality and grace. Whereas Cédric reminds you of the big principles of musicality, Caroline invites you to explore sensations, emotions and personal expression.

Shirel Archambeau

After several years of theater, Shirel dedicated herself to Dance. Foremost  mainly attracted to the femininity and sensuality of Egyptian BellyDance and Tribal Fusion which she has been teaching and practicing since 2005, she then set her sights on Swing and Blues, captivated by the contagious energy of these dances and the vintage aestheticism she has loved since a young age.

She enriches her techniques and vocabulary through a practice in other disciplines: yoga, ballet, street jazz, ragga dance hall, hip hop, world dances, and more …    With all this, she dance a style full of femininity, grace, and elegance that stays focused on musicality, expressiveness, and emotional interpretation.
In her class space, with a very good knowledge of the body she guides the students at a pace that allows everyone to listen to their own body and find their own style too, with joy and humor !


Noémi Blue

Noemí Blue is an innovative dancer deeply involved in research and continuous learning. She has been a performer, choreographer and full time dance teacher since 2001. She is the organiser of one of the largest Blues Dance events in Europe, Drag The Blues in Barcelona (Spain).

Her background technique is based on Bellydance, but she also received training in Classical, Contemporary dance as well as numerous folk dances around the world.

When Noemí discovered Blues Dancing in 2010, it immediately became her passion. She immersed herself in learning by attending numerous events in Europe and in the US where she travels every year to keep learning about Blues culture.

Noemí is the director of BlueMoveBCN, the first Dance Studio entirely dedicated to Blues Dance, in addition, she directs ‘The Blues Shakers’, the first Blues Dance Troupe in Spain.

Noemí is an avid Yoga and AcroYoga practitioner.


Agnieszka and Konrad  Pluwak-Prusniewski


There was once a petty Harlem-style gangster, a thief of women’s hearts and a boxer of brave asses. Just a 21st century Robin Hood with a street-philosopher nature, who dared to dream of saving the Earth and Moon as well, if he may. With fierce endeavor night and day he practiced many forms of fighting, enriching his body with fine movement, snake-like elasticity, and wind-resembling speed.

Nevertheless, to his great surprise, one beautiful day the swing music enchanted him and thus he became the warrior of the dance floor. To his new beloved passion he sacrificed night and day and, may Great Lord forgive him, conquered many opponents in a charming discipline, named after Charles Lindberg, Lindy hop

Happily and peacefully he would have continued his struggle hadn’t it been for that one day when a strange girl from a small fishermen’s town crossed his wild paths of the favorite discipline. Her name was Agnes and she feared not to lead teams of brave Lindy Hoppers to deeds called performances in her dear seaside areas. She had been dancing all ballroom and African styles since the age of eight, so no possible leader could cause her fear. The Harlem-style boxer enjoyed not to be pitied. Overwhelmed with strange feelings he asked the female warrior to a dance floor ring. In less than a while he knew he would have to give in to this worthy opponent. “What if I die dancing with you?” he asked with explicit concern in his voice. “Fear not, for his will be a spectacular death” replied she, unruffled

That moment the Oracle of the Lindy community stepped in, condemned their behavior and, after a great deal of trouble and pains, spoke up:”My dear children, you need to ally your strengths and forces in a (dance) dialogue. Rhythm, musicality and interpretation will save you and have you both express your fierce temper and dance out your feelings to the music.”- he said with an encouraging voice. That moment the dance floor warriors experienced enlightenment, discovered blues and applied themselves to learning, listening and studying blues to spread its relieving joy to the world

Blues inspired them with fresh courage and so today they live in peace and happiness, since their rapid tempers got pacified by serene blues rhythms and melodies. Since that day they have been witnessed co-habiting happily and peacefully dancing and spreading blues together in many lands. Some people say they heard about them. Rumors have spread they have been witnessed dancing in the Land of Delicious Cheese, on the Islands Reigned by The Queen, in the Kingdom of Mañana, on the Soil of Pretty Lakes, where all the words end with “s”, in the Country of Borscht in hidden Krivkas, the Capital City of Valenki, in their Homeland of A Language That Forgot About Vowels, and many more.