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The Rhythm Sketches ( FR: Strasbourg)

Created by Cédric CLERC ( swing and blues dancer, chorégraph, musician, and swing teacher), the trio ” Rhythm Sketches” is a musical group specially dedicated to dancers.

Their recipe to make you dance until the end of night: a rhythmic section ( guitar, battery ) going straightforward, a striking  brass instrument ( saxophone) and a voice rough just enough.
Arrangements are personnal, and specially thought up for dancers.

Yet a young group on the swing scene and french blues scene, the Rhythm Sketches have already played with succes at various festivals. In Strasbourg of course, especially at the Christmas Swing, but also in Fribourg ( Black Forest Hop, Lindy Cake), in Tours ( Happy Hop Swing), in Paris ( PFF), and in Lille, Dijon, Nancy, Metz.

What most caracterizes them: the power and musical space released by only 3 musicians.

The musicians of Rythm Sketches
Pascal KEMPF – Saxophone Soprano & Alto
Martial MULLER – Drums / Washboard
Cédric CLERC – Guitare & Voice  (& Kazoo if the mood tells him)

Dan Nash & Ray Wallen ( Spain / UK )

Dan NashHailing from London, UK, Dan Nash is one of the finest purveyors of traditional blues music on the circuit. His authentic interpretations of the blues standard songbook have continued to astound audiences from the deep south of Mississippi across the Atlantic to his native UK and throughout mainland Europe. With a versatile guitar style which can cover the whole blues genre from Ragtime to Delta and Chicago Blues, Dan accompanies his music with a voice imbued with passion and soul.

Dan performs often with a duo and with his own band. However, his solo act is one which has endeared the Blues dance community in the UK and Europe since 2010. With the core of his performance driven by his vocals and echoed by his guitar, Dan’s solo act is an intimate and intense experience between the artist and his audience.


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